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Weav's Local Holiday Gift Guide

Weav is excited for our second Local Holiday Gift Guide! Here you will find the best local gifts Spokane has to offer. From coffee to bath bombs we have the best local gift ideas for everyone!


Whether you are looking for a holiday gift for a client, employee, friend, or family member we have a beautiful, local, and convenient gift ready for you! Each of our baskets are filled with local Spokane goods and products. We offer free local delivery on all gifts and free shipping on all gift boxes. Give the gift of local, give the gift of Weav!

If a basket isn't quite what your looking for this holiday season, check out some of the amazing local products in the baskets and order them individually. You won't be disappointed!


spokane local holiday gift guide

This local Spokane gift basket is perfect for the coffee and tea lovers! The Grand gift basket features 2 local coffees, 2 local teas, a pottery mug, a coaster,, creamy caramels, a framed Spokane photograph, a certificate for a free dozen donuts, a re-usable silicone tea bag, a 20oz French press, and a recent issue of a local arts and culture magazine.

There are so many outstanding local products in this basket, it's hard for me to choose a favorite! I've always been a coffee drinker and have appreciated the art behind a good cup of coffee so Roast House and Indaba are right up my alley!

However, I have to say Revival Tea Company has made me a tea drinker! Have you been to their tea house in Downtown Spokane? If not, I highly recommend it! It's a very fun and unique expirence.

Winterwoods Tea Company produces small artisan teas, hand mixed here in Spokane. Each of their teas smell and taste divine!

Each Grand Boulevard basket features a pottery mug made by Silverpine Studio. The amount of talent and effort that goes into making a beautiful piece of pottery leaves me amazed and speechless! Each mug is filled with the most delicious caramels made by Marcy at Buttercup and Blossom's.

Marcy has a cow named Buttercup. The milk from Buttercup is used to make the caramels. Each of her packages has a picture of Buttercup and the following;

"This is the cow

that gave the cream

that went into the caramels

that Marcy made"

Buttercup and Blossom's caramels can be found at Rockwood Bakery and Rocket Market on the South Hill in Spokane. No one would be disappointed to find these in their stocking!

Each basket includes a recent issue of Art Chowder Magazine. Each issue showcases the spectacular arts talent of the Pacific Northwest.

To wrap up the local Spokane theme, a framed photograph of scenic Spokane taken by Doyle Wheeler, a certificate for a free dozen donuts at Hello Sugar, and a handmade Spokane coaster by Slow Hiker Studio will remind the person receiving the gift of the beauty that surrounds us here in Spokane!

The Grand gift basket makes a beautiful gift for any coffee and tea lover, newcomers to Spokane, clients, and employees.

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To learn more about each product in the Grand Boulevard gift basket or to order products individually visit their website:


spokane local holiday gift guide

Not to be forgotten on our Spokane local holiday gift guide is the Perry Basket! The Perry gift basket is the perfect local gift for the culinary lovers on your holiday list!

The Perry basket features 2 spice blends from Spiceology, 2 rubs from Grilling Gods made in Liberty Lake, WA. Each of these locally made rubs brings a new palatable experience to your favorite foods!

An infused oil and a vinegar from Glorious brings to light incredible new flavors that I would have never imagined! Mix the Persian Lime Olive Oil and the Lemongrass Mint Balsamic vinegar and you have a delicious and healthy salad dressing!

Doug Williams of Mrs. Dot's Soul Food introduces Spokane to his mother's uniquely delicious white BBQ sauce. This product is the recipe of Dorothy L. Williams, who owns a soul food restaurant in Hillsboro, AL. It is still open to this day! 

Booey’s Gourmet Original Pepper Sauce is just one of many available sauces. This sauce is the perfect symmetry of flavor and spicy! All of Booey's Gourmet Sauces have become family favorites at my house!

Each basket includes a recent issue of Art Chowder Magazine, a cedar plank for grilling, and a wooden pepper mill. To add to the local Spokane feel of the Perry basket, an extraordinary framed photograph of scenic Spokane by Matt Roberg is placed in the center of the basket.

The Perry gift basket makes the perfect gift for culinary lovers and anyone who is interested in the local tastes of Spokane!

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To learn more about each product in the Perry Street gift basket or to order products individually visit their website:


One of my favorite quotes, which was an inspiration for this gift basket, is by Sylvia Plath; "There must be quite a few things a bath won't cure, but I don't know many of them." If you're looking for the perfect spa-like gift, definitely keep reading this Spokane local holiday gift guide!

A relaxing bath can be a big treat to some, and its even better if the products used are all-natural, good for your body, and locally made! This is why each Garland gift basket includes 2 bath bombs and 2 shower bombs from BeYOUtiful Bath Bombs and More. These make the perfect stocking stuffers! BeYOUtiful Bath Bombs and More have a local store front in the Northtown Mall.

Flourish Botanicals makes ethically sourced, all-natural soap bars that look charming and smell phenomenal! Each basket features a local goat's milk lotion from "Nothing Fancy" Goats Milk Soaps and Lotions. Shiela hand makes each lotion using milk from the goats on her farm. Her soaps and lotions can be found at Famous Joe's Vendor Emporium.

Sandie of Norman's Health System makes natural cold processed soaps in small batches. About 10 years ago, Sandra (Sandie) Norman decided to learn to make her own soap without all the additives you find in many soaps in the marketplace.She understood how important what you put on your body is as important as what you put in your body. Each Garland basket features on of her soaps.

Anchored NW Candle Company, based here in Spokane, makes wooden-wick soy candles. Each candle has a scent that is delightful beyond words! My current favorites are Date Night and Cabin Fever. Jennifer McMacmanus, the seamstress and owner of Cotton + Co., makes lavender pillow sachets. Each Garland basket features a set of beautifully made sachets.

Mikayla Orion, the artist and owner of Orion's Original Designs, is a local artist who envisions a world of color, positivity and happiness. She hand-paints gorgeous soap dishes that are included in each Garland basket. Added to each basket is an all-natural loofah, a wooden soap holder, a Turkish towel, and the latest issue of Art Chowder Magazine.

To complete the local Spokane theme, a beautiful watercolor painting of Spokane Falls painted by the very talented Holly Schmehl of Holly Paints Things is framed and displayed in the center of the basket.

The Garland gift basket is a perfect gift for those who are working hard and need a few minutes to unwind, mothers who could use a few quiet minutes, and anyone who loves all-natural bathing products!

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To learn more about each product in the Garland gift basket or to order products individually visit their website:

The Riverside Gift Basket

The Riverside gift basket was originally a Special Edition Father's Day basket, but it was so popular that we decided to make it a permanent Weav gift basket!

This basket features a Silverpine Studio mug with the state of Washington and a pine tree, a Slow Hiker Studio coaster that show cases a well known spot in Spokane, a cedar plank for grilling, and a wooden pepper mill.

The Riverside basket also features Booey's Gourmet Pepper Sauce and Vaquero Rub, Grilling Gods rub, Ms. Dot's White BBQ Sauce, and creamy caramels from Buttercup and Blossom's.

To learn more about the products in the Riverside gift basket, check out their websites:

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Weav also offers some mini sized baskets! These baskets feature some of the same local Spokane products.


Our Grand Mini features:

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The Perry Mini gift basket features:

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The Garland Mini gift basket features:

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How about sending an out of town relative, friend or family member a little bit of Spokane?

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I hope you enjoyed this Spokane local holiday gift guide. What gift would you enjoy the most? Comment below, we'd love to hear your thoughts!

Please contact me with any questions or for a custom order.